Wine Bus Hoya de Cadenas Utiel & Requena Caves

Last Saturday April 27th, one more time, we travelled by the famous Wine Bus to Utiel-Requena. The spring had already come and the weather didn’t disappoint us: 20 degrees Celsius in Requena! First of all we visited the Hoya de Cadenas Winery, located in Utiel, where we met Laura, a wonderful guide that showed us all the hidden secrets of the valley that gives birth to their wines. After visiting the aging cellar we visited the colorful museum, where renowned Valencian artists have participated with hand painted barrels. Then came the tasting time, and Laura introduced to us 4 wines, starting the show with one of their flagships: Sandara Rosé. It was followed by two red wines, BO (Bobal) and Generación 1. Finally, and as a premiere, she offered us the brand new drink: Sandara Mojito. With a pure lime and mint flavor, it has been barely two weeks since it is in the market.

Hoya de Cadenas

After the winery visit we travelled through the same region to another village, Requena, where the cultural experience continued. One of the town’s highlights are the Village Caves, of Muslim foundation and later used as wineries or even as a refuge for centuries. The guide Alicia explained us how these caves, carved in limestone under the old town, were used as larders for oil, wine and cereals as well as ossuaries, long time before the Requena cemetery was opened. The caves belonged to the former houses located at the square, and nowadays, as public heritage, are one of the most unique examples of Arabic architecture in our region. Hoya de Cadenas Train

As a closing bit of the trip, we had enjoyed the incredible tasting menu at El Yantar restaurant, in Venta del Moro. Even though the region Utiel-Requena belongs to the province of Valencia, it keeps strong historical and emotional links with Castilla La Mancha. Due to that its’ food has an obvious inspiration from La Mancha. Bread crumbs, olive oil, grapes and pork (migas), Flatbread, rabbit and garlic (gazpacho manchego) or slaughtering season rice (arroz de matanza) were some of the dishes which were served by El Yantar staff.

Hoya de Cadenas Wine Bus

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Yantar Restaurant Lunch

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