Valencia by bike

Valencia by bike

Throughout my life I have lived in many countries, always with a bicycle. When I was younger it was for saving money and environment, however, later it became an essential part of my way of living from another perspective.

Many clients asked me, is it possible to visit the city of Valencia by bike without missing anything? Of course, it is! In a very short time, we can explore the highlights of Valencia. My proposals would it be two, self-guided tour or joining me.

During the lock down of Covid period I started with a text sheet to write down ideas of what I would like to point out when travelers come to Valencia. At first it consisted of a manual of what to do and what to see, until in the end it ended up in a book of bike routes in Valencia. The bicycle became the best ally to avoid boredom and stimulate creativity, thus was born "The best bike routes in and around Valencia".

This book is written with the aim of discover Valencia any time of the year and you do not miss anything, so if you are planning to visit Valencia in an active, sustainable and funny way, this guidebook of Valencia is a very valuable option to share with friends, family, partner or whoever you want.

I am happy that this book can help you discover Valencia with the eyes, passion and love that I have for it as a local. Then if you prefer to join me, you can book a private bike tour in Valencia! 

You can find it at Private Tours Valencia and Amazon

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